Week 12 - 12 January 2020

Matt, a graphic design student from Kingston, came to sit in on one of our design crits. He also told us a bit about his dissertation, which is about place branding. We love having visitors! Drop me a line if you want to come visit us, or sit in on a crit.

I continued work on our new place for all our content to live. Getting the names of things right has been tricky - what’s an article vs a section, a guide vs a collection etc. Getting the balance between generic enough to flex in the future vs easily understandable right now is hard.

Frank Chimero’s blog post on software vs documents came at just the right time. It articulates some of the oddness of switching from designing for specific journeys (like when making a bit of our wills journey better) to designing documents.

I’ve been predominantly working from a single article outwards. Ie: what does an article look like? What does a representation of that article look like? What does a collection of those representations of articles look like? This is different from the way I normally design (in journeys). It’s using different muscles which is fun.

In Japan I spent lots of time playing Taiko No Tatsujin - an arcade drumming game. My friend got the switch version for me for Christmas, which has been taking up an embarrassing amount of my evenings this week

Taiko No Tatsujin Arcade Machine

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