Week 14 - 26 January 2020

This week I went to New Adventures conference. It felt very not-London (it was in Nottingham) in a good way - generous and warm and friendly. We ate at Sexy Mama Loves Spaghetti after, which was fun.

I was there on the recommendation of Charlotte, my work friend who was talking at a fringe event about making 3D stuff with code. She runs a jewelry company called hexatope in the same vein which you should totally check out.

The hall was only about a third full, something which Simon (who organises it) touched on. He was wondering aloud on stage why they hadn’t done so well this year.

My feeling afterwards was that whilst each talk deserved it’s place on the programme, the programme as a whole was kind of overwhelming. Every talk was both high level and heavy. Looking at the programme from last year, it feels like the pacing was a bit better. I hope it gets another year - I’d absolutely go back. I left feeling more inspired to make stuff than I’d arrived.

Reece, a friend who came too, said Simon (the organiser) reminded him of the lead singer from The National. Turns out Simon’s website has a line from one of their songs under his name. Spooky.

Farewill stuff: As part of our drive to make google like us more (and show us to more people) we’re going to put FAQs on each of our marketing homepages. This is the sort of thing that makes designers feel a little squeamish (myself included) - but we’ve previously considered doing something similar based on (shock horror) user needs. Most people getting a will, or probate, or cremation, are doing it for the first time and so have lots of questions. So it’s a well rounded project that ticks lots of boxes.

This is happening concurrently with us publishing our ‘guides’ - perennial content about death, that I’ve mentioned in the past. The fact that we decided to chunk that content into sensible little bits (rather than just publishing pages) has meant that we can just pull pre-written sections forward to the marketing pages as FAQs. It’s ridiculously satisfying to see sensible content modelling pay off so quickly.

It’s Chinese New Year this weekend. Last night I had dinner with some friends to celebrate, and one of them remarked that things would be easier if there were no time zones. So it’s 3pm everywhere at the same time (because, they say ‘Time is just now’). I’ll leave you with that one.

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