Week 15 - 3 February 2020

Apart from myself and Tam (product manager) working out the v1 of a service blueprint for telephone wills, last week my time was entirely dedicated to marketing pages. We’re making a few new PPC (pay per click) pages, tailored more specifically to what people are searching. For example, if someone’s searching for a traditional funeral, we might explain a little more what our specific cremation service is and how it differs. We’re also producing a few extra, more specific, marketing pages. And we’re updating the copy on all of our marketing pages to make them more targeted to people’s search terms.

Honestly, I’ve found it a little tiring working on marketing pages this week. They’re not my favourite thing to work on - the medium (web page) is already defined, and the content arrives on my desk already worked out. The components are already figured out too - so it feels like there’s not much left to do other than fit the pieces together. I’ve realised that part of the reason I find it tough to work on this stuff is a sort of anxiety related to an imagined notion of progress. An unspoken fear that if I’m not constantly stretching myself beyond things I’ve already done in the past that I’ll turn to dust and crumble or something. It’s silly, unhealthy and not fun so I’m going to get better at thinking less bad thoughts (wish me luck!)

Away from the computer, I’ve been designing a few new meeting rooms (along with Holly, data analyst and Alexia, probate specialist) for the half of the new floor that we’re taking over. The one I’m most excited for has every piece of furniture on wheels. Tables, chairs, plants. I like the idea of a meeting room in motion - easy to juggle into different layouts whenever the fancy takes.

We nipped out to London Dungeon for an off-site on Friday. I’ve lived in London my whole life but never managed to go, so it was truly a childhood dream come true. I literally had the time of my life. It was like an odd amdram tech demo. I’m petitioning for us to visit Shrek Adventure next time.

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