Week 16 - 9 February 2020

I’m curious about how long these take me to write - I’ll let you know at the bottom. I’m chewing through some apple and peanut butter this week.

We released our first guide, How to make a will, this week. Everytime I look at the illustrations Louis has put together for each article it makes me smile. Especially the one for What happens to pets when their owners die?

Other than all the bits and pieces to get that live, I’ve been working on a better way to let users edit the details of people in their will. Everytime someone calls up asking how to do it I wince. I’m sure lots of people are just giving up. A while back I sketched out a hacky solution, which the team suggested we test before implementing. When making a prototype out of that solution this week I realised how terrible it was in practice. I’d fallen into the trap of trying to plaster over a bad solution - and probably should have picked up on people’s retisense to implement as a bad sign. The new solution is much clearer (we think).

Three different ways we could let users edit people when writing a will with Farewill

I spent Friday morning covering the phone lines, which was equal parts nerve wracking and fascinating. I’ve covered the live chat a few times before, but hearing someone on the other end of the line is totally different. I caught myself chatting a lot of nonsense in the beginning to stall for time. Not sure what the people at the other end made of that. I might suggest that we do it as a product team once a month.

Cerith Wyn Evans’ work at the White Cube

I loved seeing Cerith Wyn Evans’ work at the White Cube on Saturday. It’s the kind of exhibition that would have blown my mind when I was 14, visiting galleries for the first time. And then I spent an afternoon digging into Longing For Less whilst sitting around at the Tate Modern. I realised at the end of Part 1 that I could wander down a few floors to see the work by Agnes Martin that I’d just read about. I decided it was a nice moment.

22 minutes to write that. I still have to go back and add pictures. All the apple and peanut butter is gone

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