Week 20 - 18 April 2020

I’m helping another friend out with their website. They make puppets and props, which is pretty cool. They also love (more than I can express) to make colour coded lists. If we ever go on holiday together a colour coded list of stuff to do comes with us. So, fittingly, when we first started talking about her site she sent me over a google doc with a colour coded archive of stuff to go in it. That list just looked and felt so good that, after a brief chat, we decided to make that the basis for the design. So I’m currently putting that together. My main aim is to pull something together without squeezing all the goodness out of the lovely, simple google doc.

A sketch for my friend's website

At work I’ve started digging into how we might print and send our wills to people (rather than them having to print it themselves). It’ll cost us roughly a fiver to print and send each one. We don’t want to lose money each time we print a will for customers, but we also don’t want our checkout process to start feeling icky and full of upsells. It’s one of those problems that highlights how the business model and the user experience are nearly the same thing. An interesting challenge, and far more knotty than just adding a checkbox at checkout.

An odd sense of deja vu is setting in - everyday last week I woke up and thought it was the weekend - which I guess is to be expected to some extent. I’ve got my road bike back in good shape, and I’ve enjoyed nipping up and down roads I’ve never been on (as part of my Once Daily Government Mandated Exercise Session). Hopefully seeing new places will do a little to alleviate that deja vu.

We’ve had some really great people get in touch about the product design roles we’re hiring for at Farewill. Chatting to new people has been a real highlight. The roles are still open - so if anyone’s interested please do drop me a note and we can have a chat about it :)

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