Week 23 - 12 July 2020

A bunch of the wills product team decided to meet up in a park. Seeing everyone in 3D (especially JK, who I’ve not met IRL before) was trippy and weird. Sorry everyone for staring at you.

We ran a great little duo of experiments on printing and sending our wills to people for £5. We did a fake door test for the quant side - where we added a print option to our ‘your will is ready’ email (all credit to Lucija who designed this whole thing!). On the qual side we intercepted a bunch of people who had nearly reached payment, to show them a prototype of the new payment page via a phone call. Based on what we learned we’ve iterated the feature and will be shipping it soon.

We announced this week that we’ve secured 20 million in Series B funding which is pretty wild.

I had what the BBC might call a fracas with someone about a bit of work. Specifically the business model of a potential service. Said fracas actually led to a really positive conversation with that person (hello if you’re reading this!), so in a way I’m glad we rolled around in the mud for a bit. For a while I wondered if there was a better way to tackle it but maybe the reality is that having skin in the game is uncomfortable but worth it. I had a chat with Kish (head of design from Plum) that sort of reaffirmed that. Not everything can be a workshop. Healthy tension and all that.

One of the other bits we’ve done is establishing a growth team. Lucija and I will be working across both the growth team and the wills product team next quarter. We had a growth team before, but it didn’t work fantastically for us. I think it was a mix of the wrong time and wrong focus. It feels like we’re taking a much more holistic approach to growth (as opposed to growth hacky experiments) this time. Shaun, our search lead who’ll be embedded in the team, ran a great crash course to search for the whole team which was fascinating (and a really great way to get started)

My shed continues to get built. I gave some of the people in the team a video call tour and Tam screamed - I think because he was expecting it to be made of twigs and gum rather than an actual real thing. In fairness I am also personally quite shocked when I see it with my eyes in my garden. Hopefully it’ll be ‘ready’ by the end of the month.

Shed in progress

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