Week 24 - 2 August 2020

Morning light through the shed

The shed is nearly finished. I’m not sure if ‘shed’ is the right word, but it’s stuck now. Lots of people tell me it’s not a shed, but no one can tell me what I should be calling it. I’ve been spending time in there each morning, and I’ve enjoyed it so much that for now I’m going to keep work out of it. No zoom allowed. I told my housemate that it was no longer going to be a work shed and he had an almost violent reaction (What on earth is it for then!) - I’m not sure yet but for now it’s sort of just another space in the house, which is a nice thing to have. The light through the front wall this morning was incredible, accidentally.

I’ve been on holiday so I literally can’t remember a thing about work. It feels like I’ve been gone for months but it’s actually been three days.

In my time off, as well as trying to finish the shed, I took a day trip up to Yorkshire. I took my bike on the train and cycled over to the sculpture park and spent the day wandering around. I love sculpture because of the way it can ground you in your own body. This family of sculptures by Barbara Hepworth was particularly great to see.

Fourth Plinth commission 2020

I also happened upon the new fourth plinth sculpture. I think it’s great - in a way that won’t come across in photos. In a way it only makes sense because of its scale and the fact that you have to look up to see it. I’m really into the fourth plinth as a commission. My housemate said he prefers the Tate Britain christmas lights, which are pretty cool too. If I still had Tiktok I’d make a top 10 countdown of the best fourth plinth commissions. But I deleted it because it was melting my brain.

This will be my last weeknote for a while. I’ve started doing a similar but different kind of journaling. But it’s just going to be for me, for now. Till later

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