Week 26 - 15 June 2021

Hiya - the sun and birds this morning are making me feel pretty good.

Me along the Jurassic Coast

I finished my little walk with my little tent. Unknowingly setting out from the start of the Jurrasic coast - where the cliffs are crimson with 200 million year old desert rock - and ended towards the end where the youthful (50 million year old) chalk stacks are. Seeing the cliffs shift colour as you walk through the day is a nice little reward for aching feet.

A rock made of bricks

I also finished my work with Kingston Foundation - you can see their end of year showcase here. I had so much fun working with the students to translate their ideas into the medium of a website - and having a couple of them come to chat at the end of year celebration was sweet. It was a squeeze to get it all done in time - in fact on the first night of my walk I woke up in my tent at 2am and realised I was coding in my sleep. What a shit nightmare. But I’d totally do it again - and reckon I could avoid a few of the dead ends I encountered.

Another thing - at the start of the week I got accepted to the Masters I applied for! The interview was mostly a lovely chat - although I answered one question about prototyping terribly. I’ve been mulling it over this week, reading the syllabus and fielding questions from helpfully skeptical friends. Through that process of gentle, friendly interrogation I’m feeling sharper about what I’d want out of further education. In my mind it’s a process of expanding my practice out again - and to do that I need to suspend my natural inclination to know what comes after. I’ve been dipping into Pluriverse: A Post Development Dictionary to get my head into the subject matter (It’s in the syllabus) which has been whetting my appetite nicely.

Gehry's Battersea Power Station flats under construction

PIN-UP Magazine is celebrating 30 issues. It’s the only magazine I’d buy without knowing the issue’s content. The lightness with which they tackle some important, weighty topics is enviable. I once came across all the back issues I don’t have in a little bookshop in Berlin but didn’t pick them up, ugh. Bet they’re gone now. I’m interested in the interview with Frank Gehry this issue - someone who’s made some real masterpieces in his time but has recently been pumping out utter dross. See his lumbering luxury flats at Battersea Power Station (above) for example - and compare to the lightness of his house from 1978. (picture below)

Gehry's Battersea Power Station flats under construction

I've been using lightness as a compliment a lot recently. I think it's a good one.

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