Week 27 - 2 July 2021

  • Hi! What’s up?
  • I reckon this has been the longest time I've not had a full time job since I turned 18. It's a little weird and disconcerting and I'm trying to fight the impulse to be 'productive'. Busyness is definitely my comfort blanket. It's absolutely a luxury to be able to take time off like this - but also an earned luxury. I'm trusting that a period of fallow like this can bear fruit.
  • There have been days when my reading and google grazing has teetered on the edge of badness - there's a thin line between 'research' and just jealously looking at other designer's work. Wishing you'd done it or making excuses for yourself. As lovely Henri said to me nearly ten years ago, don't be bitter - be better.
  • I've applied for a few practical jobs in areas that I've been reading up about - public space and food. Tomorrow I'll be lending a hand on Nama Yasai farm, and I've applied for a construction job with Build Up, a charity who design and build spaces with young people. Interestingly they used to be called Risk Agency, but changed it based on feedback from partners. The idea of the council meeting where Risk Agency are discussed makes me laugh. It's a shame - it chimes with how I've previously articulated the point of scouts - to enable young people to take risks, whilst managing the situtation with lignt, almost impreceptible, guidance.
  • I'd become pretty confident (jaded?) over the years of being a digital product designer, and the past couple weeks have reminded me of the fear and excitement of being a fresh person in a domain, riding on enthusiasm and not much else.
  • I’ve been continuing work on a new website for System of systems. Here's the figma link to work in progress if you'd like to take a look. I'm feeling confident that it hits the brief - to allow them to more easily publish research - but I'm feeling like it's a little conservative and unpolished. If anyone (designer or not) reading this has thoughts or feedback let me know! One of the benefits I miss of having a job is being able to turn to the person on your left for a quick chat what you're working on.
  • Here's a picture of me drinking a 0.0 on the canal. See ya!

On the canal

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