Week 29 - 5 August 2021

  • Hi

Here I am, ready to scan tickets

  • I just got back from working as a steward at Camp Bestival, which was very fun. It's fun to make friends you know you'll never see again. Peak was being assigned as security for Mr Tumble, who made me well up at the end of his set when he was saying goodbye. Truly moving stuff. This is not sarcastic. I was moved.

Make shift tent peg cutlery

  • Trough was when I realised I'd forgotten any cutlery and had to eat my noodles with tent pegs. Or when my tent neighbour decided to set an alarm for 5am to do a pre-work line three days in a row.
  • Actually maybe the real highlight was Fatboy slim after years of not seeing live music.

A fly-away marquee did this. I like it

  • Another thing not done for years - I'm getting on a plane in a couple days. I'll be at a design summer school in Dresden. It's apparently in a palace, and there's free food and yoga every morning and it all sounds a bit vague and a lil cultish. I've been given lots of leftist theory to read, and then we'll be forming an acid communist band, apparently. We also have to present our work at the beginning - the idea of presenting my work from a venture backed startup to all the acid communists makes me laugh. A bit of healthy tension is good, right?

  • The way I'm paying my bills at the moment (as well as the lil bit I got from stewarding) is doing some freelance research for a film that'll be shown at Coal Drops Yard for London Design Festival. Not sure I can say much more than that but what a pleasure it is to get paid to read about interesting design work.

  • I'm also still working on that website for my friend's research project - System of Systems. Off the back of the last round of feedback it felt like we weren't all quite on the same page about the visual direction of the site - I suggested we have a call but was obviously shitting it beforehand (despite them being the loveliest client! All on me, honestly) but in the end we had a really productive chat - and it feels like we're heading in a better direction again. I did have to get a pep talk from a friend who's a freelance designer beforehand (Thanks Hannah!).

  • Oh I also decided yesterday that I'm gonna do that Masters. We had an initial 'offer holder' event with tutors and potential students which got me really excited. So I'm definitely gonna do it. Maybe. Probably. Definitely.

  • Other than that just still teaching myself bits of backend coding which I'm enjoying. I've always kinda avoided it as someone whose approach is from the front end (being a designer) but it tickles my brain in a lovely way. Still turning some biz ideas over in my head since my first idea led to the threat of being very gently sued lol.

  • Overall though I've just been feeling very very lucky that I've the freedom to pursue all these different bits. Still oscillating between being completely elated and terrified.


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