Week 35 - 8 October 2021

  • It's crunch time for our first group project. We've got 3 days left until presentations. Over the last few days we've hit a rhythm of daily catch-ups to make decisions and set individual work for the coming day. As a reminder we're reframing SDG 2 and 10 (zero hunger and inequality) through the lens of happiness.
  • I think something we've struggled with as a group is making 'the leap' that you sometimes need to make in creative projects. We've done some great research, and need to turn that into a final focussed outcome. Honestly, being self reflective it's definitely one of the things I'm worst at myself. The week I had on that summer school I think really challenged me to make that leap - but I dunno how you engineer that 'leap' to happen on group projects. You usually end up leaping in different directions. The way I've dealt with it in the past is usually just by brute force - dot voting or other such methods. This is definitely linked to what I was writing re. authorship last week.
  • I'm running a scout meeting tonight based on that TV programme Robot Wars. The kids will, in their groups, design and make weaponised cardboard chassis for remote control cars. We'll then attach balloons, and they'll battle to be the last one's standing. I'm gonna pay special attention to how they make collective decisions about the design...
  • I've also spent a lot of time this week working on a website that I'm hoping will eventually make me some money. Keeping schtum about it since the last idea I floated ended with the gentle threat of being sued... but as is my modus operandi it's in the realm of 枯れた技術の水平思考 (Lateral Thinking of Withered Technology).
  • I've also got the final design for the new System of System's website signed off, so need to set some time aside to code that.
  • In other news, I felt really moved by the new Helen Frankenthaler woodcuts show at Dulwich Picture Gallery. I encourage everyone to check it out if you can.

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