Week 38 - 29 October 2021

  • These'll be short this week.
  • This is a reading week for most courses, but we had a series of lectures from KIT about Materials from 8am to 11am each day. I'm sad to say they were pretty terrible. It oscilated between the lecturer bragging about the conferences he went to in the 70s and reading outdated info from the UN's website. It's a shame because it's the only blip so far in what's been an excellently run course.
  • I have had a bit of a u-turn on my prototyping project. I felt like I knew the outcome already, and it wasn't exciting me. I've decided to blow it open again, and investigate the idea of an inter-species city. This feels good.
  • On our group film project, we had two very different days back to back. The first, to me at least, felt stilted and frustrating. I'm sure everyone has experienced one of these days - long discussions but either quicksand slow progress or backsliding. The second day felt crisp and exciting and like we all circled in on an idea together. I think the difference was the second day had the right level of group vs individual work, and the right forms of structure to support discussion. One tool in particular helped massively.
  • In order to decide on which idea to pursue, we all wrote a short pitch of an idea for the film. We then voted using 'I object to this... / I would tolerate this ... / I prefer this' on each of them. Unlike just 'yes' voting, this introduces positive nuance that enables finding consensus much more easily.
  • We're focussing on the question 'How can seeing city-living from a child's perspective improve access to play?'
  • I'm doing lots of things about the city. This was predictable, really... Why am I on this course again?

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