Week 4 - 26 October 2019

Work stuff

My week was bookended by a pair of workshops I ran on the marketing page for our new service. At their best these feel like I’m getting a bunch of other people to do my job for me, and it felt like we made really good progress. Marketing pages are something new to me, having only worked in the public sector before Farewill (where they’re not really a thing). But I think the same fundamental approach of thinking through user needs can lead to good things.

The workshop happening in the Farewill office The workshop to nail the structure of our new service's marketing site

During the middle of the week, we finalised the new farewill.com homepage and about us pages, using the findings from our remote unmoderated research to nail down important details. For me the most interesting thing that came out of that was the way our services were presented made them seem like they’re all part of a package for one user, which isn’t true.

By that I mean that people either thought that we’ll sell you a will and offer you advice on probate at the same time, or we help you deal with someone’s will and probate when they die. Rather than each product being a distinct offering for people in very different situations. I’m not sure if I’ve explained this very well - but our fix for now is appending our services with verbs (ie: Write your will / Apply for probate). I’m sure there’s a lot more we could be doing.

Mockups of potential email signatures

My funniest design task this week was making some email signature images, since we won some awards (including National Will Writing Firm of the Year!) which we wanted to show off about. It reminded me of my days using a cracked version of photoshop to crank out forum signatures (If you know you know)

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