Week 41 - 19 November 2021

  • Feeling much more upbeat this week.

  • Sanaa and I decided to join our prototyping projects together - and suddenly the whole thing felt like a pleasure rather than a chore. Having someone to bounce ideas off is fun.

  • We ended up making a collaging tool for exploring the city using different senses.

  • It's turned into the subject of an essay I have to write over the next few days. I'm focussing on the link between the circular economy and the aesthetics of collage in the built environment. Really enjoying exploring it! I've continued to make collages whilst walking around the city.

  • You'll notice that these notes have been getting shorter. I'm struggling to find the time to do them - between the work we're doing on the course and freelance development work. Studio Voltaire Garden Studio Voltaire Garden

  • I did find time to go to the recently renovated Studio Voltaire. I particularly liked the new garden, designed by Anthea Hamilton. I like the use of upended pebbles, which I normally associate with the bits of pedestrian islands you're not meant to stand on, as a platform for a generous bench. Bits of the city rearranged. Maybe that's just my collage addled brain speaking.

Studio Voltaire Garden

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