Week 48 - 24 May 2022

Climbing wall

I'm writing this in the local climbing center. Hoping to complete this green route today - it's so far eluded me.

A year without a job

Just realised, it's pretty much a year to the day since I quit my job. The more distance I have the more I realise how much happier I am now.

The flywheel of my freelance so-called 'career' has really taken off in the past month - I've had a bunch of work sent my way from different people. If you're one of those people, thank you! It means a lot to me.

The last month has seen me prototyping for a high street brand, designing landing pages for a social enterprise, and I'm now on my first full dev, no design job. I'm feeling grateful for the wiggly path I've taken to get here, it feels like a lot of experience chickens are happily coming home to roost.

On a note of one of the bits on the wiggly path, I saw that the BBC have released a new menu bar. I remember working at the BBC feeling a bit like walking on eggshells. One time we monitored twitter for backlash when we changed the background colour of iPlayer (obviously, no one cared). Just to say I think this menu bar is pretty good - and probably only people who've worked at the Beeb can imagine the wrangling it'd have taken.

One interesting change is the hamburger icon on mobile. Since leaving the beeb I've resisted using them, as I remember a bit of research from then indicating that people didn't really know what they are. I'll take this as a blessing to go on a mad hamburger spree.

Bye bye UK

I'm leaving in a week. I'm not excited because it doesn't feel real yet. Our bookings have been a comedy of errors so it's still unclear whether we'll get there. We have 1.5 hours to transfer to a new flight, which takes about 5 hours these days (!) due to Japan's elaborate COVID rules. Apparently you're shepherded from desk to desk to answer individual questions. Makes me appreciate the UKs more haphazard approach to bureaucracy.

KIT had previously inexplicably wanted to fly us out like a champion football team (each on individual flights) but UAL's budget wouldn't stretch to such an inexplicable extravagance - so at least we'll experience the chaos together.


I've seen lots of exhibitions recently. Here's a review of each

Cornelia Parker, Tate Britain

Gets her foot in doors / Conceptual but it works / Cos strong aesthetics

Andreas Gursky at the White Cube. A woman standing close to the art takes a photo on her phone

Andreas Gursky, White Cube

Easy to forget / He is really very good / At taking photos

Doctor who interactive experience

Terrible plot line / Please i beg you just chase us / Just chase us right now

Larry Bell, Hauser and Wirth

His one trick is good / Furry carpet plinths for the / Oligarchs kills it

Anish Kapoor, Tees Valley Giant

Tees Valley Giant, Anish Kapoor

Intricate sculpture / Gets eaten by the landscape / Weird use of money

Billy stands on the Angel of the North

Angel of the North, Anthony Gormley

Never seen up close / Cost a third of Kapoor's one / Bargain, a real thrill

The Place We Imagine, Assemble, Nottingham Contemporary

Please stop remaking / Bad play structures from the past / Without the context

Billy and Louis make a big stack in Equal Play at the Baltic

equal play, Albert Potrony, Baltic

Focus on loose parts / Makes this more fun to play with / Grey lumps roll around

Next time I write I'll be in Japan. See you then!

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