Week 49 - 22 June 2022

I've been trying to write notes but feeling blocked. Only just starting to feel a little settled. Reading by the river helps. I am having a great time, but it's like a sort of slightly constipated great time. If you know what I mean.

It's been nearly three weeks since I've been in Japan. Experiencing a lot but my favourite bits are the everyday stuff. Like seeing Kyoto residents diligently weed the pavement outside their house, little neighbourhood ramen shops, watching the river swell after rain.

At uni we're working on a group project with Japanese students about cooling. It's called 'Prototyping wicked cool futures'. Our professor has been working on a bin that freezes domestic waste for the last two years (to stop it smelling bad), which feels like a very Japanese solution to the problem. It's been so nice getting to know the Japanese students in our group - we just went to an American diner for lunch. Hamburgers with rice, with a very Japanese size mug of coffee (tiny), but with an American flag on it.

I'm still working on the website for a university in Hong Kong, but to be honest feeling v creatively blocked on this too. But we've now settled on a direction, so I think the other pieces will just fall into place.

I'm gonna go read by the river now. I've really enjoyed reading a collection of essays by Arata Isozaki called Japan-ness in Architecture. It's helping me make sense of the weird (to my eyes!), layered nature of Japanese cities.

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