Week 54 - 12 October 2022

I'm back in London and have been for a month now.

After my last notes I just got caught up in everything there was to see and do in Tokyo (where I spent the last month-ish of my time in Japan) that I never got to writing. All at the same time, it was a life changing experience and also a weird fever dream that never happened.

I experienced serious cultural whiplash landing back in Heathrow and then getting on the tube. I'd barely taken my mask off for 3 months, and people don't talk on public transport in Japan - so a completely normal London tube carriage ended up feeling like the last days of Rome.

At uni it's final project time! I'm working on it with Sanaa, who I worked with last year on a project about neighbourly relations. This time it's going to be about how teenagers use and see public space - a group who are often excluded from the design of that space. Seen as something to be accounted for rather than actively included in the process.

I'm enjoying climbing in London, even though there's only sporadic moments when it feels like it clicks. It makes me feel like I really don't know how to use my body at all which is good.

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