Week 57 - 3 March 2023

  • Saw Sam Jacob's exhibition at Betts Project Space. Black geometric shapes painted into landscape paintings. Did something as a whole set - less so individually (how they're being sold). Also a series of etchings of neolithic stone structures with colourful acrylic geometric shapes added. Worked far less well than the black oil additions - felt much more 'added' on top rather than integrated. Didn't recognise the canvas in the same way. I like Sam Jacobs work as an architect - but think it's partly so interesting because it translates pomo graphic design ideas to the built environment. Less interesting when those ideas are applied to 2d work.
  • Can't stop thinking about the Morandi exhibition. Wish I'd brought the catalogue to Laura's house (where I'm cat sitting). Somehow makes vases real and solid on paper or canvas with the most economical marks. Got more economical as time went on - of course. Interesting how it fell apart when he was commissioned to paint a still life of musical instruments.
  • Reading about Camille Henrot's Ikebana project in the latest issue of Too Much this morning really tickled my brain.
  • Spent the day at Beam - making a marketing page for fundraisers and wrapping up some interaction details on new internal tools for caseworkers.
  • Billy and Issy coming over for Chinese food and board games tonight.
  • Been rumbling ideas around in my head for a lamp for the fireplace alcove in my house. I bought some little LED spotlights, which are probably wrong (too focussed) - but I'd like to make something where the light reflects through just a thin sliver. No direct light at all. Should make some models - the TV cabinet I made feels slightly ill proportioned. Should've made a physical model as well as sketchup.

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