Week 58 - 9 March 2023

In the library at Laura's house I've come across 'Snow Crash: 1997 - 2003' - a book charting the life of the eponymous Finnish design outfit (which I'd never heard of - but I recognise their globlow lamp, still in production today I think). There's a companion site which has many of the images from the book. Interesting how much PR is acknowledged as a large part of their success. Often the way.

The book mentions Tom Dixon's Jack lamp, present at the 1997 Milan fair. I have the most vivid memory of the lamp being a part of the Blue Peter studio redesign from 1999 - when they had quite a mad, Snow Crash-esque logo, too. See it in the intro from the time here. I do think seeing those lamps on blue peter had some kind of effect on me. It might be one of my earliest memories. I can only find this one photo of the studio from the time. No jack lamps in sight - maybe I imagined it.

We've had 6 sign ups for our after school club, making it all suddenly feel very...real. I just hope we can make it interesting and not shit for them. I'm suddenly worried our first week, the most important week, is a bit dry. Will have a reread of the plan.

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