Week 9 - 15 December 2019

I’m tired this week, so I’ll try to do this in a different way:

¶ We looked back at what’s gone well and badly for the design team over the past three months. Lots of positives, and lots of interesting ideas for next year. As Farewill has gone from one product to three in less than a year, the design team’s function has got a little more muddy. ¶ I said some things in that meeting that I was embarrassed by even as they left my mouth. Not nasty - just inarticulate and blunt. ¶ We’re over-ran with lots of topics still left to discuss - we’re regrouping this week to mop up the rest. I’ll carve out some time to get my thoughts in a row before then. ¶ One of the things we discussed was Office Hours - we’d have a set time where anyone in the business can come with a thing and we can help them out with it. There are obvious risks, but it feels like a good way to build relationships. I’m excited to try it out. ¶ I restyled some of my website, because I was finding the existing typesetting oppressively boring. I’m not convinced what I’ve done is any better than what was there before - but inspired by Frank Chimero redesigning his site in the open, I’ve decided to ship iteratively. We’ll see where this goes. ¶ I put a picture of a flint hand axe on my website. I did that because I like how it looks, and I like the idea of thinking through making - which to me a hand axe represents. It’s the original iterative process, and I like drawing a connection between what I’m doing now (making websites lol) and that. Obviously it’s a bit silly. But at least it’s only 10.6KB of silly. ¶ I rediscovered the Pilcrow.

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